We Cultivate Next Generation Financial Advisors

By Jennifer Bacarella | Executive Director of Firm Development

We Cultivate Next Generation Financial Advisors

As an executive of SPS Family for the last 25 years, I have experienced many different industry trends and challenges. I discovered it was vital for me to become an advocate, educator, and supporter for the industry I am so passionate about. 

For the last two years, I have presented as a panelist at the Women Adviser Summit hosted by InvestmentNews. My goal for sitting on this panel was to discuss the importance of educating the next generation on financial literacy and the financial services industry as a whole. When people think of the financial industry, most people instantly think “stock traders” or “stockbrokers.” While this is one aspect of the business, our industry has many other fascinating areas for individuals to explore. 

During my most recent panel with three of my industry peers, I discussed the immediate need for expanding the number of producing financial advisors because our rep base is aging. We must bring qualified candidates into the business and groom them to take over existing practices. This is a huge current need.

I used the opportunity to discuss steps my firm is taking to address the situation. We seek to build a new, young financial advisor base across the industry. Since initial cost is a major barrier to entry, we made the financial decision to help reduce some of that burden by offering to cover the SIE exam for individuals committed to entering the industry. We have also established mentorship and continued education opportunities to help these young men and women obtain real life experience. 

We will always have a need for financial literacy and experienced, ethical advisors to help our fellow Americans plan for their retirement and life events.

Our industry will continue to evolve in the upcoming years. We intend to do our best to recognize needs before they become critical, help the industry navigate through challenges, and grow stronger than we’ve ever been. Join us in this effort!

To watch the full discussion, visit: https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1301921&tp_key=feb1b19f46

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