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Keith Craig | Marketing Consultant

I want to momentarily take you back to childhood days. Those days where, as a kid, you had a million ideas running around in your head. Crazy ones. Out-of-the-Box thinking. Next-to-Impossible. However, no matter how far-fetched those ideas might have been, you most likely truly believed you could make some of them become a reality!

Those were the days of wide-eyed optimism where your ambitions were not “tainted” or limited. You were not yet influenced by peer pressure, negativity, and understanding how things are “supposed” to work. The sky was the limit!

Sadly, with the passing of time, that all seems to fade away for many of us. As we become adults, we begin to experience self-doubt. We become cynical to our own creative impulses and skeptical about the ideas of others.

I believe we need to rediscover the optimism of childhood thinking!

We need to stop shutting down the creative ideas we have and get excited about them again. We must explore our creativity! We should begin to revisit our ability to create new ideas and articulate and share them. Let the CREATIVITY flow!

Further, we must learn to listen to new ideas with an open mind. Given a little leeway, the craziest of ideas can become quite successful.

Need some proof?

The Pet Rock, created by Gary Dahl, made a profit of $15MM in just 6 months. The Slinky, created by Richard James, has made an estimated profit of $250MM. The Snuggie, created by Scott Boilen, has made an estimated profit of $200MM.

These successful ventures could have been easily derailed IF the people who created them bought into doubt and negativity. Candidly, many successful people are those who didn’t get discouraged by nay-sayers and did not allow doubters to “curb their enthusiasm.”

I want to encourage each of you to begin to share and discuss ideas with your staff, your friends, your family, and your loved ones.

Set aside time every month to get together and brainstorm. Allow everyone to openly share new concepts, procedures, processes, etc.

You just might find and cultivate a few great new ideas that will help grow YOUR business.

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