My Summer at Sigma and Parkland

Final Blog by intern Sabrina Lieberman

I’ll be honest – when I first walked into Sigma Financial and Parkland Securities on a snowy January afternoon, I barely knew what a broker-dealer did. As a college student, my financial priorities are rent, groceries, and loans–not a 401(k) or a Roth IRA. However, over the last few months, I have learned about the importance of financial guidance and the large network of support that serves planners and advisors.

Here are my 3 greatest takeaways from an incredible internship!

  1. Every hour that you are not on social media is another potential client lost. In every industry, social media has revolutionized marketing and business development. However, many financial advisors are wary of online platforms, and for good reason. Compliance regulations are constantly changing on this new media, and advisors fear the risks. While these concerns are valid, responsible broker-dealers like Sigma and Parkland will guide you through navigating social media while mitigating compliance risks and maintaining professional integrity. When choosing a financial advisor, clients look for an honest and trustworthy individual. A social media presence increases credibility and transparency, and is especially important for millennial clients. To stay relevant and current, using social media has become essential for financial representatives.
  1. Trust your interns. As an intern at Sigma and Parkland, I was given an unparalleled amount of autonomy in designing our social media strategy. All of my ideas were respectfully considered, and, barring compliance issues, were given the green light! This increased my confidence in my creativity and work, and nurtured my personal projects. I explored the industry by asking my own questions and analyzing the results. This independence allowed me to focus on my own interests while benefiting firm development. In addition to learning through my own initiatives, all of my questions were answered thoroughly, and I felt that my supervisors were committed to my professional growth.
  1. Outstanding service really stands out. Through our “We Support Our Reps” social media campaign, I had the opportunity to speak with several financial advisors about their experience with Sigma or Parkland. Each representative spoke specifically about the exceptional service offered by the back office. Many provided anecdotes about questions answered promptly and correctly, or the personal touch offered by a smaller, dedicated firm. Their glowing praise about Sigma and Parkland’s commitment to their success increased my confidence when promoting our firms with potential representatives, and made me proud to have worked with Sigma and Parkland!

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