Memorial Day 2017 – Reflections and Thoughts

The President of Sigma Financial Corporation, Parkland Securities, LLC, and Sigma Planning Corporation – Jerry Rydell – has been a lifelong proud and ardent supporter of the United States military. Nothing touches Jerry more than the sacrifices our nation’s military men and women, and their families, make in the defense of our country.

As Jerry says, “We know all too well that freedom is not free. Our military keeps us safe and allows us to live our lives in the pursuit of our dreams. Our protectors, and their families, earn and deserve our respect and support. Many who return home do so injured, whether body, mind, or both. Others do not return at all.”

He continues, “Especially on Memorial Day, we honor those who have fallen in our defense. We pay tribute to them and their sacrifices. Moreover, we extend our heart-felt condolences to the families and friends of the fallen. Thank you for your courage, your strength, and your sacrifice.”

Who better to illustrate the impact of such sacrifice than an Army widow? A few years ago, Wesley Bauguess shared her thoughts on losing her husband and the father of their children. We have no direct affiliation with this courageous writer…but we do share an affinity for her words, and we are touched by her strength.

We encourage you to read her reflections, and think about all those like her: parents, siblings, children, and friends who have lost their loved ones in the defense of our country.

“Memorial Day: Reflections of an Army widow,” by Wesley Bauguess, as appeared in Fox News, May 19, 2017:

Our hometown Memorial Day often consists of parades, picnics, barbecues, and long weekend outings. We encourage all Americans to stop in the midst of those activities to pause and reflect.

Jerry and the people of the company are proud to honor and contribute to veterans and military families, including support for charities like The Semper Fi Fund and the Gary Sinise Foundation. We will continue that tradition this year as well.

On this Memorial Day, thank you to all Americans most deeply affected by tragedy – tragedy that they have experienced on our behalf. Indeed, freedom is not free.

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