Labor Day 2016: The Value of Work

Labor Day 2016: The Value of Work

Work. Nothing happens without work. Work allows our families, community, and society to function. May you and your loved ones find opportunities…to do what needs to be done…ideally, doing something you love.

May we all pause on this Labor Day to appreciate the value of work, whether as employee, business owner, manager, home maker, or another role. For those who provide financial support for themselves and their families, may you find stable, sufficient employment throughout your lives. We hope you have a job, or soon will, where you are appropriately compensated, and can ultimately earn a living wage, and then one that provides you financial security. For those who work in other ways, running a home and raising children for example, know that your work is essential too, and may those around you make it clear that your work is valued. Many of us must do both to get by — for those who do, our hope is that you have the energy, health, and tenacity to handle the load.

May young people find their way as they approach their future. Stay flexible in your quest, alert to opportunities, and focused on your goals. Learn all you can from school, through mentors, internships, or apprenticeships, and on your own. Know, though, that one also needs to learn how to work…it takes practice. Do your best at whatever work you do, at every level. Do a good job, not just the minimum required.

If you are unemployed, underemployed, underpaid, or facing other challenges, we hope you are able to find what you need soon.

The path to work is not always smooth. Perhaps it never is, and never was. But nothing happens without work.

Here’s to all those who do everything they can through work to improve the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the USA…and Canada, as well. Thank you for your labor. Have a Happy Labor Day, and a year ahead in which your work may somehow be not just sustaining, but appreciated, and even fulfilling.


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