Back to the Basics: Effectively Communicating Across Generations

Are you effectively communicating with your clients across different generations? In this industry, we all know that effective communication is the key to gathering and retaining assets. Making sure clients are comfortable, and feel that they have received accurate and timely information, are both essential to a positive client experience. Do you know how to best deliver your thoughts and ideas based on your target audience?

We have all read numerous reports on how to effectively communicate across generations. Research shows it is best to communicate with the Greatest Generation one on one, notepad in hand, where things are detailed and written down on paper right in front of them; Baby Boomers through scheduled meetings and phone calls; Generation X by cell phone and meetings after business hours; and Millennials using digital communications and social media.  The newest consumer generation is commonly known as Generation Z. There hasn’t been a ton of research done on this group yet, and because of that, people struggle to determine the best communication plan to establish for them. We do have some initial impressions. Like Millennials, Generation Z are highly internet and social media driven in their communication, but in a very different way. Generation Z are multi-taskers and use images, symbols, abbreviations, and emojis to express themselves. They prefer quick, instant images to tell their stories…as these are fast and direct. Generation Z looks for precise and concise information. They expect services to be available instantaneously. Replies to their messages should be sent within a minute. They do not want to read a lengthy article for answers. If they are required to do so, they will quickly lose interest and you could lose a potential client. They’re more than comfortable with the digital era; in fact, they appreciate one that is “on steroids”, where with a click or swipe they have instant information. They are also prone to referrals, and often use internet reviews. These are your kids / grandkids, and the next generation entering the workforce and the investing space.

When prospecting for new clients, make sure that you are communicating effectively based on your target audience’s generation and comfort zone. Effective communication shows your dedication to servicing them efficiently using the methods they prefer and fit their lifestyle. As part of your initial meeting, develop a communication plan with them so that you are delivering on their expectations.

Have you thought about whether or not you are communicating effectively based on your target market? We have….

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