Giving Back

We're all in this together

We believe that success is a directive to give back. We believe that social responsibility means so much more than cutting a check. And we believe that when you see an opportunity to do good, you take it.

Our Initiatives

Choose Your Charity

In an effort to gain company-wide support for charitable endeavors, the Team Building Committee created a new initiative to raise money and resources for local charities. Each quarter, we choose a charity to support within the community. The “Choose Your Charity” initiative empowers staff to seek out area charities, conduct research, and submit the charity for consideration for that quarter’s charitable endeavors.

Support for our vets

We value our military and are grateful for their role in keeping our country safe. That’s why every year at our annual conference, we host a silent auction to raise money for causes that offer physical, psychological, and financial support to veterans. This initiative has been so successful, it helped us win Wealth Management Magazine’s Industry Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Volunteer Opportunities

We don’t have the budget to donate millions to charity — but we do have passionate, capable people with a whole lot of elbow grease. We frequently volunteer, both as individuals and as a team, for worthy charitable causes.

Charitable Leadership Awards

Our Social Responsibility doesn’t stop at the home office. Our advisors do amazing work for their communities, too — and every year at our annual conference, one advisor from each of our firms is awarded $1000 to give to their favorite charity.

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