5 Ways to Connect with Your Clients’ College Students

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of connecting with your clients’ college students. However, we recognize that financial planning is not always a #trendingtopic, and it’s difficult to get students on board, or even in the room. Here are some ideas about how to engage your youngest clients.

  1. Hold a seminar. Do you operate in a small town or community? Have several clients whose kids attend the same high school? Offer a high school an hour of your time, and provide a simple seminar on college finance basics. You may get the opportunity to promote your services to both parents and students through the school.
  1. Have an individual meeting. Although Mom and Dad will need to be on board with any final budgets, it is important that the student understands that you are there to understand his or her personal priorities and concerns. A casual, initial conversation to open up a dialogue is critical. Try to have this meeting as soon as possible, preferably while they are still applying to colleges. Keep in mind, the process often begins before senior year1.
  1. Send a congratulatory letter. Acceptance to college is a significant achievement. Send a personalized letter to your client’s family congratulating them on their child’s success and offering to discuss the finances involved with both selecting a college and creating an annual budget.
  1. Follow up, with both parents and students. Students’ goals and financial aid packages change every year. This means that both parents and students have to reevaluate their budgets and understand the possibilities. By reaching out annually, you will provide critical support throughout the student’s college career.
  1. Use social media. College students connect best through online social platforms. Although you must make sure that your platforms and content are compliant, this can be a great way to share useful information with your younger clients. While you’re at it, you can follow us on Twitter @SigmaFinancial or @ParklandSecLLC.

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