5 Tips for Boosting Your Summer Savings

Summer spending can drain your bank account before it’s time to drain the pool. While summer is a fantastic time to take advantage of great weather and vacation time, it is important to stick to your annual budget. These five tips could help your clients stay afloat through the fall.

  1. Air-wareness. Air conditioning is a wonderful luxury. It allows us to cool down the house with the windows closed (avoiding mosquitos!), and create a cool, healthy sleeping environment during the muggy summer months. However, air conditioning is expensive both in your house and in your car. Being mindful about when to use air conditioning can have a major impact on your summer energy costs.


  1. Travel smart. Thousands of families travel throughout the summer months. Although summer travel can be incredibly expensive, creative research can dig up some fantastic deals. By planning carefully, you can ensure a fabulous trip without breaking the bank. However, the most economical vacation is just to stay home. Click here for some great ideas from Forbes about how to make the most of a “staycation”.


  1. Shop summer sales. Whether you have your Christmas list ready or could just spruce up your wardrobe, summer offers some great deals. Many retailers mark down off-season winter gear or home appliances. As summer nears its end, take advantage of close-out sales to buy summer clothing for the following year.


  1. Create a summer savings plan. Although a smart saver budgets all year, summer can serve up temptations that sneakily increase spending. By crafting a special summer budget, you are less likely to succumb to unnecessary expenses this season.


  1. Optimize your barbecues. Summertime barbecues are a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family while enjoying a meal outside. Fortunately, they are also a great way to save money while entertaining! When all your guests pitch in, potlucks allow everyone to try many dishes for a fraction of the overall cost. Moreover, cooking outside keeps the house cooler, reducing your need for air conditioning.


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