5 Things I Learned as a Panelist at the InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit

By Jennifer Bacarella, Executive, Director Firm Development

I have been associated with InvestmentNews Women Advisor Summit for a few years now as a panelist and a moderator. This year, like most conferences, the summit moved to a virtual platform. I was a little bummed at first thinking I would miss many in-person opportunities to build relationships with fellow industry women. Turns out, though, the virtual event actually opened many new doors and provided a longer reach for networking!

One of the biggest pros of having a virtual Summit is that it’s free! The Summit offers limited spots because… well… technology… BUT in years past, this was a paid event held in specific cities. If you were not located near one of the Summit cities, chances are you weren’t going to attend. Now, you can attend the event FOR FREE from the comfort of your home or office.

So, without further ado, here are the 5 main points I learned from my panelist partners during the August 4th virtual session:

5) Culture: Working remotely has been successful, but many companies are struggling with keeping their culture alive. Technology tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom help, but the lack of daily in-person communication can clearly take a toll on culture. However we choose to approach the issue, we need to target culture in some of our communications efforts.

4) Training: Hiring new employees is always important but training them has proven difficult. If you hire a new employee during this time, make sure you have a concrete plan of action for training remotely.

3) Technology: Investing in technology that meets the needs of this new way of work life is a must. This may be a large upfront expense, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

2) Retention: Many companies have learned their way around the new remote world. The wide embrace of remote work allows your employees to shop around for a new employer they may not have thought possible before due to physical location. With new flexibility comes new opportunities – so make sure you communicate with your employees often and maintain the great relationship you have built.

1) Recruiting: Similarly, you as an employer now have the ability to throw your recruiting net over a larger area of talent. Use this! In the past, many firms had to limit their search to potential employees within their geographic location, regardless of a potential hire’s skill level, education, or experience. Now, with remote work proving successful, you can widen your search and find your perfect candidate, regardless of location. 

Next InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit Coming Soon!

Take advantage of sharing issues, ideas, and solutions at the next InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit, which will be held virtually on August 25 and 26. Reserve your spot now by visiting: https://investmentnews.eventscase.com/attendance/event/index/37646/EN

If you have the time to attend, I definitely recommend you joining us. The Summit features so many smart, amazing panelists – and I am honored to share the virtual stage with them! We hope to see you there!

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