3 Tips for Improving Client Engagement with Your Website

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By Becky Steffens | Senior Growth Strategist

Think back to the last time you searched for a product you were planning to buy or a company whose services you needed. When you opened Google or another browser and started typing in your key words, what were you hoping to find? Did the first-page suggestions pan out? Now, imagine that you had a prospective client looking for you and your services. Would they be able to find you with a Google search without scrolling through page after page of results to find you? One last question: Would you search through a dozen pages to find a business you were looking for, or would you choose one of the first several on the list, read the reviews, and go from there?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of online marketing strategy. As an entrepreneur, you need to shine brighter than bigger competitors. Using these 3 Tips – Blogging, Alt Text, and Title Keywording – we hope you can get your name higher up on that list so your prospective clients can find YOU!

Tip 1: Blogging

“Ugh… blogging! It takes too long, and nobody ever reads them anyway.” This is probably what you are thinking. However, did you know that blogging is super important when it comes to SEO?

The first step in writing a blog is to create a list of the questions you get asked the most… then answer those questions one by one using blog posts on your website. These blogs are easy to write because you already know your answers… you have used them many times!

However, one of the most missed opportunities when blogging is including the right keywords in your title. If you want to attract clients in your local area, put that in your title. If you want to attract younger clients who are just starting to plan their retirement, work that into your title. An example of this could be, “Start Young: How to Save for Retirement in Dayton, OH.” The more blogs that you keyword with this type of phrasing, the higher you will be on Google results when prospective clients search “Dayton, OH retirement advisor.” Also, make sure the first few sentences of your blog include buzzwords that your clients could use in their searches.

The more of these indicators you have in the blog title and introduction, the more likely your information will show up higher than those not doing the same.

Tip 2: Alt Text

Unless you are a photographer, you probably have not thought about the photos on your website as an SEO-builder. BUT they are! If you use photos on your website (and you should), each photo has a “behind the scenes” title of that image called Alt Text. Usually this title is left as something like “IMG_572.” By changing that photo title (alt text) to something that applies to you, you increase your website keywording and bump up your SEO ranking. For example, if you have a headshot on your website, change the title to “Dayton OH Financial Representative [Your Name].” The more your website refers to this information (between your Alt Text, blog, webpage titles, etc.), the higher your website will rank on a Google search. Keep in mind, you should do this with all of your photos on your website. At first, this may seem tedious – but once you’re done, you shouldn’t have to repeat the process until you add new photos.

Tip 3: Title Keywording

When it comes to your website keywording, get to the point. In each page title, state exactly what you want your potential client to know. “Dayton, Ohio Financial Advisor Specializing in Retirement Planning” could be a main page title. You have the rest of your website to describe how you are different from other financial planners and all the services you offer – but in that overall web title, stick with blunt keywording. You want your title to mimic what potential clients are searching for.

Then, make sure to sprinkle these keywords in the body of your text throughout your entire website. You don’t want bombard website visitors with the same exact words and phrases, but by having these keywords strategically placed throughout your website, the chances of search engines “seeing” your website over others in your area become greater.

Bonus Tip: Many website platforms offer “SEO optimizers.” Take advantage of these free tools periodically throughout the year to keep your website in good SEO health. By taking an hour or so each quarter to optimize your website, you could increase your rankings. We hope to see you on page 1!

Would you like to discuss website SEO? I’m available anytime. Email me at bsteffens@bdops.com.

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