3 Tips for Gaining New Clients in 2021

Virtual meeting with a client in 2021

By: SPS Family Practice Management

With 2020 in the rearview mirror and the economy slowly reopening, many financial representatives are trying to figure out how to gain more traction with new clients. Without knowing what the future holds, it is important to think about the present business environment and adapt accordingly. With these three tips for gaining new clients in 2021, we hope to shed some light on areas that you may not have thought of – and adapting to the new way of life.

  1. Be a thought-leader, and do it fast: 
  • This has always been the goal, especially when it comes to content, but now more than ever, you need to work quickly. Address topics that potential clients are thinking of RIGHT NOW. Jump on trending news, such as hedge funds and investing apps, and explain these news items in terms anyone could understand.  Many young investors are just now learning about these topics. Providing guidance directly on your website as blog posts will set you up as a thought-leader on topics that people want to know about.
  • If you are stuck trying to find new topics to discuss, head over to social media and explore. Look at Twitter’s trending topics and relate them back to your business. Review the top articles. Even if they are not finance related, there may be ways to explain how finance relates to them. Just using the topic and turning it into your own will increase your SEO, making you and your firm rank higher on search engines. Refer to https://sps-family.com/3-tips-for-improving-client-engagement-with-your-website/ for more information on SEO and website engagement.

2. Offer more meeting options:

  • Even though the world is opening back up or will be soon, many people are still afraid to meet in person. And even once clients are comfortable meeting in person again, they still may not want to. Those with kids, elderly who cannot drive, and even those who just don’t really enjoy face-to-face meetings will enjoy having the option to meet virtually. If you have not developed a strategy to do this efficiently, now is the time. Then, once you have your virtual meeting strategy in place, publicize it! Clients do not want to have to dig to figure out which financial advisors offer alternative methods of communication. Make it known through your website, your social media, your blog posts, and your advertising. It is important information.

3. Make it personal:

  • People like feeling special. If you see a potential client experiencing something big in their life (like having a baby, becoming a grandparent, going in for surgery, getting married, etc.), send a little something to show you care about them. Even a handwritten card will do the trick. And if you’re looking to “kill two birds with one stone,” think about small businesses in your community. Do you know any that create handmade gifts? Reach out to that small business and have them make the items you’ll send to your prospective clients. When they see how much you care about others, they may become a business client of yours, too!

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