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Three Firms, One Family

There are 3 award-winning investment firms living under the same roof in a gray and blue office building in Ann Arbor, Michigan — two broker-dealers, Sigma Financial Corporation and Parkland Securities, LLC., and one RIA, Sigma Planning Corporation.

SPS Family is a shared homepage for advisors who might one day end up working with one of these firms. Welcome!

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Welcome Home

When you work with us, you’re family. Our advisors can always get a real person on the line and have direct access to management. It’s less like calling your cable company, more like calling your favorite cousin.

This One’s Just Right

As a collection of privately owned, independent companies, we’re big enough to offer competitive services and payouts, and small enough to avoid the effects of GCDD (Giant Corporation Depersonalization Disease).

A Bunch of Know-it-Alls

The average SPS Family back office employee has been with the company for more than 8 years, and the average manager has been here nearly twice that long. In other words, we know what we’re doing.

It's success all the way down.

We offer outstanding benefits to our back office employees. Our back office employees offer unparalleled support to our advisors.
Our advisors provide extraordinary guidance to their clients. When everyone has each others’ backs, everyone succeeds.

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