Jenny’s Blog, Stardate 04.07.2020

Jenny’s Blog, Stardate 04.07.2020 by Jenny Bacarella, Executive, Firm Development

It’s Tuesday! Truthfully, I can’t tell what day it is anymore. I just know one thing…we are killing it! I love hearing appreciative comments from reps on how we are DELIVERing great service to them, without a hiccup, in this “new normal.”

Have you been to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Michigan? 

If you haven’t, I highly recommend you do. Michigan is a beautiful place in the summer (well, summer and fall – but I’m not a big fan of winter or spring). February, March, and April remind me so much of the dunes. I’ll explain. “Bear” with me.

After you hike up, across, and over the dunes, you finally get near the coastline and confront a steep drop down to Lake Michigan. You take a deep breath and run down the dune care-free. The air whooshes past your ears and in this moment, you are the fastest person alive. Usain Bolt has nothing on you. Part of you is about to “bite it” at any moment, and the other part just lets your body go free. You see the bottom coming and you can’t wait to touch the water. You hit the beach and thrust your hands into the air and await your medal. February was that for me.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring and I was banking on that. Probably shouldn’t trust large rodents. Every time I saw the sun, I knew warmer weather was right around the corner. I began thinking about summer trips and briefly contemplated easing my 2002 convertible out of the garage. Then March came along. March is when you find yourself at the bottom of that hill again, staring up and realizing, “Man, somehow I’ve got to get back to the top.” So, you begin your trek. Often, at the beginning, you feel like, “I saw this coming, right? I should have known when I looked down that I had to somehow get back up.”

For every two steps up, the sand steals one back. You start to think about how warm it is…and why has the wind stopped? Karen, who does CrossFit daily, crawls past you at a ridiculous speed. You murmur how much you hate her. Then your children…they are in front of you, kicking sand in your face as they gain height. You would yell but need the oxygen for the climb. You secretly hope that this amount of exercise puts the kids into a deep sleep coma, so that you can drink a bottle of wine in peace when you’re finished.

Finally, the halfway point…wait, halfway? Only halfway? And guess what, it’s April. You stop. You look up and see that you still have quite a way to go but you look back and recognize how far you’ve already come. You also realize at this point that you still have to complete that challenging second half…and ultimately, convince yourself to make the top again.

Your drive and resolve kick in and you gain momentum. With each step, you sing, “I get knocked down, but I get up again,” and you hope and pray that you never have to sing this song again. As you get closer to the top, you see the smiling faces of people you love who cheer you on and, all at once, you don’t feel alone anymore. Your energy surges, and the hill seems to flatten.

You also see Karen and she is yelling something crazy at you like “WOD!” and you really just want to punch her and that – right there – that pulls you to the top. You stand on the summit, beat your chest, throw up, and then realize you made it…we made it!

I’m not sure if this resonates with you, but I feel like, come May, we will look around and value our interactions more than we ever have before. I’m hoping that through all this we learn that with commitment and pride anything can be accomplished…all challenges can be overcome.

I am proud of our home office team even if we do all look like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” at this point. Oh, and push Karen down that hill and scream “WOD!” after her as she stumbles and tumbles.

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